On 13.12.2021 - Duco faucet has been boosted by Lunix32 server. Thanks!

I decided to stop this site, duco mining faucet isn't available any more.
Thanks everybody who used this mining faucet.

Duco mining faucet

This mining faucet mined totally ... shares!



Current mining account

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Duino Coin Mining faucet?

Its such simple, just type your username from DuinoCoin, and watch your account for miner named "duco-mining-faucet.pcgeek.pl".

Genesis think of this faucet it's boost your account with CPU miner software. It's ideally for start with Duino!

Miner start immediately after click "Run miner!" and should be appear on account in 30 seconds after start.

It's legal? Yes i use own machine to generate kilohashes, no worry about that :)

How long this be work? if another person write our username from duino, your miners be disabled, but if you renew minining faucet - miners back to your account... etc. Simple overwriting/rotating miners per account.

It's free? For you - always be free! For me - No. I normally pay for server :)

How kh/s i get? This mining faucet give approx 800kh/s for active account

History minings (last 30)

Nickname Started time Accepted shares Time mined (minutes)

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Duco faucet - AMOGUS

Duco dashboard

Discord: Ajdasz#2280

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